Are Your Tires Winter Ready?

Winter is here, and you're ready. You've got your hat, your jacket, your gloves, and your boots. You might be ready for winter, but is your Lexus? As we head through the coldest months, it is important to be prepared, and this includes your car.

Many people think they can use the same tires all year round. After all, as long as the tires spin, it means they're working, right? The fact is, while it is possible to use the same tires for the entire year, it isn't a good idea. Tires are like shoes for your car. While you can technically wear sneakers during all months, boots are more capable in the winter. They keep your feet warm, and they help you keep traction on slippery terrain. Winter tires are the same way.

Rubber functions differently at different temperatures. Summer tires are designed to effectively grip the road during warmer months, but the cold causes them to become less flexible and to lose traction. Winter tires are made of a softer rubber, and they remain flexible and capable in cold weather. Of course, this also means that they perform worse during warmer weather, so while it's important to put on winter tires for the cold, it's important to take them off when it gets warm out. If you're still driving in your summer tires, don't worry; just schedule an appointment with our service center, and we'll help you get ready for the winter months. At Lexus of Wilmington, we're here to help.

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