Why Should I Change My Oil?

Lexus makes some of the finest, most capable vehicles around. You might think that with a capable brand like Lexus, you're set for life. The truth is that every vehicle, even a Lexus, needs to have its oil changed.

The oil in your Lexus helps keep its engine purring. Without any oil, the moving parts in a vehicle's engine produce friction and heat. Normally this would cause the engine to overheat, and for the engine parts to start to break down. Engine oil keeps the moving parts lubricated. It reduces friction between moving parts, and even carries away heat that would otherwise damage your engine. Of course, that heat needs to go somewhere, and rather than breaking down your engine, the heat slowly breaks down your oil. If ignored for too long, your oil starts to perform its job less effectively, and can even clog up parts of your engine. That's why you need to regularly change your oil. Schedule an appointment with our service center today, and we'll help you keep your Lexus running its best. We can't wait to help you out.

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