Would you pay $100 for a sandwich? Probably not. No matter what you buy, from sandwiches to cars, you want to make sure you get your money's worth. Nobody wants to overpay for something if they don't have to. It can be difficult to find out which vehicles get you the most bang for your buck, but fortunately, it isn't impossible. You just need to check a neutral, reputable source, such as U.S. News. What do they have to say? According to them, Lexus vehicles are some of the best cars for your money for 2019.

Everyone prioritizes different things when they're car shopping. Some people might search for engine power, while some might be more interested in a comfortable interior, and some people prioritize auto safety above all else. No matter what you look for in your vehicle, we all appreciate getting a good deal.

In order to decide the best cars for your money, U.S. News starts with their Best Car rankings. To find out those results, they collect and analyze every credible review they can find for a model, then they factor in the latest available reliability and safety data. That way they can ensure they get unbiased results. Once they have their best cars picked out, they then measure the vehicles' value in two parts: how much they cost at the dealership, and how much it costs to keep them running. By combining and factoring all the available data, they can find out what models give you the most possible bang for your buck.

Lexus took away two awards this year. The Lexus RX 350 won the best 2-Row Luxury SUV for the Money, and the Lexus ES won the best Luxury Midsize Car for the Money. Granted, this shouldn't be too surprising; this is the sixth win for the Lexus RX, and the third win for the Lexus ES. We all know that Lexus models combine power, comfort, capability and style... now we know that they're cost effective as well! Nothing out there can quite match Lexus.

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